The Breadth and Depth of Efforts Re: Rebuilding and Recovery

Tuesday, October 5th, Flood Awareness Week Discussion Forum:
The Breadth and Depth of Efforts Re: Rebuilding and Recovery — a Panel Discussion of Legislative Efforts, Climate Data, Grant Programs and Planning Initiatives This panel ties into the overall goals of the kickoff press conference on October 4th and the virtual webinars and trainings throughout the week by illustrating the range of experts delving into mitigating and preparing for the impact of inland and coastal flooding on lives, dwellings, neighborhoods, businesses, future developments, etc.; and, by reiterating the importance of getting people on the same page so that legislation, policies, and funding resources can be put in place sooner rather than later (i.e within next 3 to 5 years rather than the traditional 10 year timeframe).
Targeted Audience:  State and Federal Legislators, State and Federal Legislative Staff,
Town and City Officials (Grant writers, business developers and planners included),
Select board members, Chamber of Commerce members, Realty association members,
General public

How to Watch:

  • Watch a recording of the event HERE
  • Speakers:
  • -Joe Rossi, Massachusetts Coastal Coalition 
    -Linda Orel, The Trustees
  • -Leslie Fields, Woods Hole Group: Effective mitigation plans and their implementation
  • -Amelia Casey and Jason Shrieber of STANTEC: Community-goals planning: Recovery and rebuilding in Brant Rock, MA