CRS Open House

The Community Rating System (CRS) is one of the most important flood related programs in the country.  CRS incentivizes communities to perform flood resilient activities such as flood related mitigation, outreach and more, and in turn gives discounts on National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) insurance policies.  Communities, coastal and inland, benefit from CRS and the resilience it brings to communities. This outreach is meant for those interested in getting their communities started with CRS.  This is also for those that may want to understand the value that CRS can bring.  Join us to learn what CRS is, why your community should participate in CRS, and how to join. The agenda:
  • -Welcome
  • -Overview of CRS
  • -CRS testimonials and best practices
  • -How to get started
  • -Next Steps and Questions

  • Follow up material:

    • FEMA overview of the CAV process: Click HERE
    • The value of CRS, from the perspective of the Town of Sandwich: Click HERE
    • Video on what CRS is: Click HERE
    • Speakers:
      • -Co-Hosted By Joe Rossi, Massachusetts Coastal Coalition, and Shannon Hulst, Barnstable County Regional CRS Coordinator
      • -State and Federal floodplain officials 
      • -Eugene Kohls, CFM, CRS Specialist, ISO
      • -Maribeth Chassey, CFM, Floodplain Administrator & CRS Coordinator, Town of Sandwich
      • -Andrew Stewert, Building Commissioner, Town of Marshfield