October 3rd - 9th 2021 was Massachusetts Flood Awareness Week

Flooding can happen at any time. Where it can rain, it can flood. Follow up material and recordings of events are posted here until the next Flood Awareness Week.

Why we have Flood Awareness Week

Flood Awareness Week Press Conference

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Massachusetts Coastal Coalition

Flood Awareness Week Kickoff Event

The Governor, along with members of the Massachusetts Legislature, are proclaiming October 3rd to 9th Flood Awareness Week in Massachusetts.  This is being done to bring awareness to flooding and flood hazards in Massachusetts. The week will kick off with a press conference and announcement of events with elected and state officials and others at the Harbor Terrace at the New England Aquarium, in Boston, which is the site of repetitive flooding in past years.  The press conference will begin at 10:30am on Monday, October 4th.  The press is invited and encouraged to attend.  

How to attend:

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Massachusetts Coastal Coalition

The Breadth and Depth of Efforts Re: Rebuilding and Recovery

Tuesday, October 5th, Flood Awareness Week Discussion Forum:
The Breadth and Depth of Efforts Re: Rebuilding and Recovery -- a Panel Discussion of Legislative Efforts, Climate Data, Grant Programs and Planning Initiatives This panel ties into the overall goals of the kickoff press conference on October 4th and the virtual webinars and trainings throughout the week by illustrating the range of experts delving into mitigating and preparing for the impact of inland and coastal flooding on lives, dwellings, neighborhoods, businesses, future developments, etc.; and, by reiterating the importance of getting people on the same page so that legislation, policies, and funding resources can be put in place sooner rather than later (i.e within next 3 to 5 years rather than the traditional 10 year timeframe).
Targeted Audience:  State and Federal Legislators, State and Federal Legislative Staff,
Town and City Officials (Grant writers, business developers and planners included),
Select board members, Chamber of Commerce members, Realty association members,
General public

How to Watch:

  • Watch a recording of the event HERE
  • Speakers:
  • -Joe Rossi, Massachusetts Coastal Coalition 
    -Linda Orel, The Trustees
  • -Leslie Fields, Woods Hole Group: Effective mitigation plans and their implementation
  • -Amelia Casey and Jason Shrieber of STANTEC: Community-goals planning: Recovery and rebuilding in Brant Rock, MA
Massachusetts Coastal Coalition

CRS Users Group Meeting

The two-part training will focus on building code compliance for mechanicals and equipment in the floodplain, as well as an overview of the new statewide floodplain bylaw that affects many departments, including building. There will be an opportunity to ask questions of our state floodplain officials from the Department of Conservation and Recreation.  

Follow up material:

  • Mechanical and Equipment Presentation: Click HERE
  • State Model Floodplain Bylaw Presentation: Click HERE
  • Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage Presentation: Click HERE
  • Speakers:
    • -Hosted By Shannon Hulst, Floodplain Specialist & CRS Coordinator, Cape Cod and Joe Rossi, Massachusetts Coastal Coalition
    • -State floodplain officials from the Department of Conservation and Recreation.
Massachusetts Coastal Coalition

CRS Open House

The Community Rating System (CRS) is one of the most important flood related programs in the country.  CRS incentivizes communities to perform flood resilient activities such as flood related mitigation, outreach and more, and in turn gives discounts on National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) insurance policies.  Communities, coastal and inland, benefit from CRS and the resilience it brings to communities. This outreach is meant for those interested in getting their communities started with CRS.  This is also for those that may want to understand the value that CRS can bring.  Join us to learn what CRS is, why your community should participate in CRS, and how to join. The agenda:
  • -Welcome
  • -Overview of CRS
  • -CRS testimonials and best practices
  • -How to get started
  • -Next Steps and Questions

  • Follow up material:

    • FEMA overview of the CAV process: Click HERE
    • The value of CRS, from the perspective of the Town of Sandwich: Click HERE
    • Video on what CRS is: Click HERE
    • Speakers:
      • -Co-Hosted By Joe Rossi, Massachusetts Coastal Coalition, and Shannon Hulst, Barnstable County Regional CRS Coordinator
      • -State and Federal floodplain officials 
      • -Eugene Kohls, CFM, CRS Specialist, ISO
      • -Maribeth Chassey, CFM, Floodplain Administrator & CRS Coordinator, Town of Sandwich
      • -Andrew Stewert, Building Commissioner, Town of Marshfield

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Helpful Resources

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Partner Organizations

Thank you to those promoting, hosting events, and being a part of Flood Awareness Month 2020 in Massachusetts.

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